Angel of Darkness

In the months leading up to African Campaign in World War II, three British Army officers are tasked with gathering conscripts from the British Colony of Southern Rhodesia when the town is beset by zombies.

Issue 1: Nikitā Ridley, a South African native and former slave, as wife to Arthur Ridley, Mayor of Bulawayo, she struggles to walk the line of staying true to her heritage and being a proper Englishwoman.

Angel of Darkness contains violence and brief nudity. It is intended for readers ages 16 and up.

Seller’s Note: Prints and extra issue available for sale. However, due eBay seller limits, not all items can be listed at once. Please contact us if you wish to purchase something that is not currently listed. Thank you.

Graveyard Angel (Retail) Cover

Issue 1 – Graveyard Angel (Retail)

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