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Blood Feud

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In her was found
the blood of prophets,
and of saints, and
of all that were
slain upon the earth.
– Revelation 18:24

Count Vlad Dracula, the progenitor of the hominus noctura, has fallen by the hand of Abraham Van Helsing. What Van Helsing hoped would bring about the salvation of humanity sealed his family’s fate. The centuries old blood war between their descendants has removed even the name Van Helsing from all but legends.

The veil between the ancient magicks and the modern era has fallen. Those loyal to the Count, now follow his heir: the Blood-King Mara. Setting his sights higher than merely ruling a kingdom, the Blood-King amassed an empire spanning the globe: commanding industries, commodities, nation states, and elections. Any and all who might oppose him, even his sister, the Princess, was sought out and destroyed.

In the ensuing decades, blood and death lead to uneasy stalemate: those loyal to the empire, who followed the Rules, living in the shadows hidden from the humans; those who rebelled against the empire believing they should rule the humans, as humans rule cattle; and the humans, inspired by the legends of the first vampire hunter, to soldier on in the hope that one day, they may be free of both.

But when Rebel vampires resurrect the vampire Princess, the humans find themselves an alley against the vampiric empire as she seeks revenge against her brother. Now, to maintain the status quo, a vampiric imperial enforcer and priest vampire hunter must join forces, as the Princess threatens to destroy both of their worlds.

Blood Feud contains violence, nudity, sexual situations including sexual violence, and adult language. Discretion is advised.

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