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The Demonatrix

Demonatrix 2 Banner

Simply meaning to weird out her best friend, Emerald Riley reads from an ancient occult book summoning the demon Lolita. But the summoning goes awry leaving Emmy’s father dead and her best friend in the hospital. On the run from the police and heavenly host, Emmy and Lolita find they must rely on each other if they wish to survive.

The Demonatrix contains violence, graphic nudity, sexual situations, and adult language. Discretion is advised.

The Demonatrix #1 Mirror Cover

Episode 1

While having a sleepover with her best friend during college spring break, Emmy reads from an ancient tome. But when Lolita passes through the gate, she misreads Emmy’s emotions in a heated argument, murdering her father and sending friend to the hospital before embarking on a sex and drug crazed trip through a modern metropolis.

The Demonatrix #2 Cover

Episode 2

After Lolita’s encounter with the angel, she realizes laying low is her best option to survival. Needing her vessel, she breaks Emmy out of the hospital. Emmy makes it clear she wants no part of Lolita’s plans, but soon finds out she does not have a choice in the matter.

The Demonatrix #3 Library Cover

Episode 3

Desperate to save her soul, Emmy devises a plan to exorcise Lolita. Meanwhile, Lolita and Pepper deal with the fallout of taking over Carlos’ strip club.

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